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The 1st time I met Alessandra Ambrosio was On August 10, 2009 At The Victoria’s Secret Store In Herlad Square New York. It Was A Photobooth Event So No Autographs we’re allowed but I got to meet Alessandra and speak to her sister Aline in person.

My 2nd time meeting Alessandra was on October 14, 2009 at The Victoria’s Secret Flagship Store at Lexington Ave In New York. In this occasion I got to talk longer with Alessandra and have my very 1st Autograph and have an amazing conversation with her sister Aline including Alessandra herself whom spoke to me for about 2 minutes.

The 3rd time meeting Alessandra was On March 01, 2010 at The Victoria’s Secret Flagship Store At Lexington Ave In New York Once Again. In this occasion i had the opportunity of meeting my very good friend Helena from Brazil. We got to see Alessandra and Of course have lot’s of fun!

My 4th time meeting Alessandra was on September 08, 2011 at the Victoria’s Secret Store in Soho NYC. It was an incredible event, i once again had a personal conversation with Aline Ambrosio (Ale’s Sister) she is really a sweetheart, so nice, so loving and so friendly, i met up with my good friend Savanna (Adriana Fan) and we had a blast, Once i saw Ale it was like amazing, she was so happy to see me again, as soon as i walked in she asked me if she can see my t-shirt which had the fan site name (AlessandrasBeijos.Com) she loved it and i told her i had one for her too which i gave to Aline for she can give it to her at home, she was so happy she gave me a hug and spoke to me for a while until it was time to take our photo and then it was time for me to go back home. These moments will always stay in my heart and memory forever!

The 5th time i met Alessandra was on September 06, 2012 during Fashion’s Night Out in New york at the VS store in soho. This event was amazing, they had a DJ and good music playing, Alessandra’s dress was awesome!  I took another amazing photo with Alessandra and spoke to her for at least 2 minutes, she always gives me a big smile every times she see’s me. She is very sweet!

The 6th time i met Alessandra was on October 18, 2012 at the VS store in Soho. Alessandra was meeting fans and signing autographs to promote her 2012 fantasy bra which she got chosen to wear at the Victoria’s Secret fashion show and is been something we all been waiting for over 10 years. The event was super amazing, not to many people attended however i loved the whole fact they had the fantasy bra at the store and i got to see it lol i also loved how i was able to speak to Alessandra for longer then usual, we had an awesome conversation and by far one of my favorite events ever.

My 7th time seeing Alessandra (we are practically friends now LOL) was during the 2015 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, Alessandra surprised me with an invite to the show which took place in NYC I was really honored and happy to have been invited. You can read more about my experience at the 2015 VSFS HERE!

Xoxo, Alejandra

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