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NAME: MarluXia AKA VampireHorde

CITY: Los Angeles in the heart of Hollywood, bitch!

HOBBIES: Absolutely nothing! I am the laziest sonofabitch you’ll ever meet. Hate doing anything recreational or anything that involves me lifting a muscle. That’s why I’m fat and need to lose ALL this weight from doing NOTHING all day long. Oh, and I am the best scanner and video capper on the Internet. I can cap any video in High Definition. Can you do that? That’s right, NO YOU CAN’T!
Aside from that, I also write strategy guides for popular videogames. I’ve written for games like God Of War, Ninja Gaiden, Grand Theft Auto, Splinter Cell, and other good games. Check me out at IGN or GameFAQs to see my list of guides.
ABOUT ALESSANDRA: I’ve known about Alessandra since 2000 back when Tyra and Heidi were the main ladies for Victoria’s Secret. Aside from that condescending bitch Adriana Lima, Alessandra was the other Brazilian model that I thought was WAY more prettier than the overrated spectacle known as Gisele Bundchen (and her big fat ugly nose). I didn’t fully recognize Alessandra until the VSFS 2005 show when she walked onstage in a candy outfit. From there, I kinda “woke up” and realized that I was missing out by not knowing who these models were. And now I know too much.

ABOUT ME: There is absolutely NOTHING about me that you need to know. But I will tell you that I am a former employee of Limited Brands. Yes, that’s right, I worked for Victoria’s Secret for two years before quitting. Had I stayed long enough, I probably would’ve been promoted to Bra Specialist but, alas, not so much. I also vote as a Democrat, so all you George Bush lovin’ Republicans can kiss my ass! We killed Bin Laden, bitches! Anyway, I’ve met almost all of the VS Angels: Marisa, Miranda, Rosie, Candice, Adriana, Lily, Erin, Lindsay, and Alessandra.