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posted by Alejandra on 12.04.15
Current Obsession: Ale’s New Haircut

Supermodel Alessandra Ambrosio’s said “Bye-bye” to her long, luscious locks, and “Hello” to a choppy, long layered bob! Dubbed “Sexiest Lob Ever” by InStyle, Ale debuted her fresh locks via Instagram. The new hairdo has added a little bounce to this Victoria’s Secret Angel’s runway walk, and if you weren’t already jealous of her staple catwalk-ready hair, then you probably are now. We caught up with Frankie Foye, Alessandra’s hairstylist, for all the details!

“It’s sexy, it’s rock ‘n’ roll, and it’s definitely a haircut for someone who has had longer beach waves for a long time,” says Foye. “The word bob describes the line, but it’s more of a rock ‘n’ roll, collar bone length; it has shattered pieces and it’s all about layers, layers, layers.”

“We did it for an editorial,” Foye explains. When asked about the inspiration behind the new ‘do,’ Frankie revealed that both her and Ale wanted to cease the opportunity, try something new, and go old-school for the publication. Inspired by the 70’s bohemian, the cut (which took two days!) wasn’t about keeping up with a trend; it was truly a collaboration of Ale and Frankie’s favorite 70’s icons. Foye chopped the ends but kept Ale’s face framing highlights that help her achieve her sunkissed Brazilian look.

It’s true, we’re envious of Alessandra’s perfect symmetry and high cheekbones, but the best part about the cut? “It’s fresh, super sexy and so easy to style! It can be worn straight, wavy, in a topknot, or wet – and it works for everyone!”

When asked about Ale’s other best looks, Foye revealed the ále by Alessandra campaigns held a special place in her mind as an all-time favorite. “The braids, beachy-colored hair and texture… We pushed it to the edge, very over the top with headbands and feathers, very bohemian chic, very Alessandra.”

Having known and worked together for 15 years, you could say that this dynamic duo certainly makes for a great pair! In the meantime, we’ll continue obsessing via Instagram as we patiently await the arrival of Alessandra’s spring cover.

The last bit of advice we take home from Foye also works for anyone, anytime you’re looking for a hair change: It’s all about communication. “Talk to your hair dressers, give them a visual/picture of what you want. Be a part of it. It’s okay to let them know your opinions and suggestions, just have an open conversation so you’re both on the same page.”

What are your thoughts on Ale’s new ‘do?

Be sure to catch the 2015 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show on CBS – Tuesday, December 8th!