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posted by Alejandra on 07.10.16
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posted by Alejandra on 05.07.16
Happy BDAY Noah!

Happy Birthday Noah, wishing you a very SUPER birthday!!!

Xoxo, The Beijos Team

posted by Alejandra on 04.12.16
Thank you!

We want to give thanks to everyone whom participated on Alessandra Ambrosio birthday project on our website it was a huge success!!! Best Regards, -AB Staff

posted by Alejandra on 04.11.16
Happy Birthday Ale!

Today is one very special persons birthday, To the woman, mother, sister, daughter, aunt, model, role model, and friend Alessandra Ambrosio on behalf of the Beijos team we want to wish u happy 35th birthday to a loving and kind person who’s always been loyal to her fans! We Hope this day is filled with many blessings and happiness. Cheers to many more birthdays to come! ? Sincerely, The Beijos Team

posted by Alejandra on 04.03.16
35th Birthday

In celebration of Alessandra’s 35th birthday we welcome all fans to send your birthday messages, wishes or note to Alessandra at all of the messages will be send and viewed by Alessandra herself.

Please make sure to include your name or username, you can also use your social media account instead if you prefer. Please keep all messages respectful and without any weird questions or comments.

Anyone braking any rules will be banned from the website! Please make sure to send all of your birthday messages before April 11, 2016 :rose:

Best Regards, Alejandra

posted by Alejandra on 03.27.16
Happy Easter

Wishing everyone a Happy Easter from the Beijos Team!

posted by Alejandra on 02.14.16
Happy Valentine’s Day

Wishing everyone a Happy Valentine’s Day!

-AB Staff

posted by Alejandra on 02.03.16
Thank you Alessandra!!!
posted by Alejandra on 01.31.16
Let’s Celebrate

Celebrate with us by posting this photo on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook using hashtag #beijos7yrs & tagging us at @alesbeijos social media accounts.

posted by Alejandra on 01.31.16
7 years online!

Today we celebrate our 7th year online since we opened the site back in 2009, we have been through ups and downs, new adventures, new friends, new and old staff team, new members but above all we have made this site one of the best thanks to all the hard work of the staff and all the support of all of our followers and members.

Which is why today I dedicate our 7th anniversary to all of you, because without any of you Alessandra’s Beijos wouldn’t be as successful as it is today. Thanks for making us your #1 source for all things Alessandra and for always crediting, supporting and participating with us for the past 7 years!

Being united as fans of Alessandra Ambrosio has really been a great experience.

I also want to give a shout out to Alessandra & Aline for all the support and trust they have given me and my team for the past 7 years, we are truly great full for everything!

Happy 7th anniversary Alessandra’s Beijos! :bravo:

– Sincerely, The Beijos Team :rose: