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posted by Alejandra on 07.04.17
Happy 4th of July

Happy 4th of July! 🇺🇸🗽🎆🎇💥🎉💫

– The Beijos Team 💋

posted by Alejandra on 05.14.17
Happy Mother’s Day

Happy Mother’s day to all the mommy’s in the world. – The Beijos Team

posted by Alejandra on 05.07.17
Happy Birthday Noah

Happy 5th Birthday Noah, May all your wishes come true on your special day!!!

XOXO, AB Staff

posted by Alejandra on 04.16.17
Happy Easter!!!

Wishing everyone a Happy Easter!!!

AB Staff

posted by Alejandra on 04.11.17
Happy Birthday Alessandra

Wishing this lovely goddess Alessandra Ambrosio a very Happy Birthday! Thank you for making many of my dreams come true, for making me and my team feel special with your kindness and loving personality. On behalf of The Beijos Team and I we thank you and wish you the best birthday filled with love, health, happiness and many blessings. Keep on shining like the true angel that you are! With Love & Respect, Alejandra ❤️🌹🌸🎈🎉💋🌺🌷💐🎂

posted by Alejandra on 04.10.17
Alessandra’s 36 Birthday

Alessandra turns 36 tomorrow and we’re super excited to celebrate with fans across the world. You can celebrate with us by sending a birthday message to Alessandra Ambrosio  at the Beijos birthday page, (link below) and everyone’s messages and birthdays shoutouts will be send to Alessandra directly!!! 🌸🎂🎈

posted by Alejandra on 04.04.17

Celebrate with us Alessandra Ambrosio’s Birthday!!!


posted by Alejandra on 04.01.17
Countdown to Alessandra’s 36 BDAY

The countdown begins for Alessandra Ambrosio‘s 36 birthday on April 11th. In celebration make sure to send in your birthday message to Alessandra at 🎈 as a quick reminder we recommend viewing the birthday page on a desktop or laptop computer as is not mobile compatible. Thank you!!!
– The Beijos Team

posted by Alejandra on 03.20.17
Hello Spring 2017

Spring is finally here, Happy Spring season to all.

AB Staff

posted by Alejandra on 03.18.17
Beijos Team Application is now OPEN


We are currently looking for two new moderators to join the staff team, who is a huge fan of Alessandra Ambrosio and truly has what it takes to be part of Alessandra Ambrosio’s Official Fan site.

Application link is below, please make sure to read all the rules. Thank you!


Sincerely, The Beijos Team